Saturday, September 27, 2008

Driving with bright lights.

Alright here is my question. Why do people use their high beam lights on the freeway?? Is it illegal?? Can't you see with the lights on the freeway?? This is one of Stews biggest pet peeves! He freaks out when people use them even when they are not on the freeway. I guess I think it is fine to use them when you are on side roads but why on the freeway? Maybe if you can't see what you are doing maybe you shouldn't be driving??

Monday, September 15, 2008

Poor Hutchy puppy

Today Hutch went into the vet to have surgery...He got neutered....It is so sad because this morning it was just me and him spending time with each other and he was like oh it is just me and mommy today!!! Where is she taking me? So well we pull up to the vet and he is so excited but he still didn't understand what we were doing. So then he looks out the car window and he saw a friend. He saw Janelle and Ryan's dog Cooper. SO he got really excited. So I took him in and got all the paperwork ready for him gave him a big kiss and a hug and let him go. Let me tell you this is the 4th surgery I have gone through and I am so scared that they wont make it out of it. (my grandparents had a dog that went in just for a teeth cleaning and she never woke up from it) So good news he woke up but he had a bad reaction to one of the drugs and he was throwing up and swollen...So I didn't get to bring him home tonight. SO he is just laying in a kennel all alone wondering why his mommy hates him! So I cant wait to pick him up tomorrow and love that little man to death. But the nasty part that I didn't know was that his "ball sack" skin will still be there....Yuck! What is that for?? Why cant they just take that off while they are already in there? I guess it will shrink and kind of go away but YUCK! how long will that take?!?!?!?!? OK till next time!


Well I was talking to my friend Stef today as I was getting home and doing some things on the computer and I was like ok now I am going to my blog...She was like yea I have been waiting for an update on that! So I told her that I don't have a lot of time or energy to go on my computer when I get home from work. So I am going to let everyone know that I will update at least 2 times a week. I will do this on my days off!!! And well tomorrow just happens to be one of those days!!!

Being sick.

So after working a 58 hours work week 2 weeks ago I am pretty sure I made myself sick! I think I worked so much and I made myself so exhausted I actually got a horrible cold! So I spent my 2 days off last week laying in bed feeling like crap! Thank god for Stew though! He was so good to me! He made me eat and he made me get up and move around. I am very lucky to have him as my hubby! Sucks to be all of you ladies that don't have my Stew Stew!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New journey

Well as of tomorrow I am starting my new journey into retail. I am very excited to start my new position but I am also kind of nervous! I know I am good at what I do so I know I will be successful at this position however it is going to be a hard transition. I hope that all of my new employees like me and listen to what I have to say!! I am sure there are going to be a few that are not happy with the change but I hope I can win them over! I mean whats not to like about me?? Ok I will update you when I can about my new journey!! Have a good day!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Do things really happen for a reason?

The question of the day for me is do things really happen for a reason? So many bad things happen in life and we ask why? Well this is how I got to this question. When I got pregnant and then lost the baby did if really happen for the good of my life? Or did FFIC treat me so bad that I left the company? Well because if these things didn't happen to me I wouldn't have gotten the job at Charlotte and then I wouldn't have gotten my promotion. So do things really happen for a reason or is it something else? Because then I say why do children die? Or WHY 9.11.01?? Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.


Well as you know I recently started a new job. Well it was my goal to move up in the company at some point in my career. Well I was approached by my boss and she said Erin how would you feel if I wanted to interview you for a store manager position. I was like YES! I would love that! Well I interviewed for the position with her and it went very good and I was so excited about it! Then a couple of weeks went by and I figured that she decided on someone else for the job. Well she talked to me about it again and then this is when things started to happen. To make a long story short I was offered a store manager position with my company! I am so excited to start this new path in my life! But I am also kind of nervous as well. I will keep you all updated on my life as a store manager and what new things will come at me!! See ya all later!!!